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Naturopathy for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health

Learn how to take a naturopathic approach and key clinical considerations regarding cardiovascular health. This lecture will cover the causes and markers of cardiovascular pathology, preventative approaches and considerations for dealing with clients.
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What we will cover:

Cardiovascular Disease is the number 1 cause of death in most industrial countries. Due to the enormity of people who present with metabolic signs and symptoms within clinic, the importance of this as a topic should not be overlooked.

This webinar covers the key clinical and interventional strategies for supporting metabolic health. Centered around case-studies, the pre-recorded webinar looks at how dietary and natural approaches can be applied to improve cardiovascular outcomes in various scenarios.

You will learn
  • The causes and markers of cardiovascular pathology.
  • Preventative approaches and strategies you can implement with your adult clients straightaway
  • How to think holistically about metabolic conditions addressing both risk factors and the root cause

Course Lessons

Meet your host

Claire O'Brien

Like a lot of families in Ireland, Claire's has a long history of high blood pressure and heart positive changes needed to ensure their heart health and feeling like they had lost control  over the food they could eat and enjoy.

This sparked an interest in nutrition and healthy eating and was the reason Claire chose to study nutritional therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine and opened Honest + Goodness nutrition.
She now focuses on heart health and specialises in providing tailor-made eating plans and lifestyle supports for people experiencing high blood pressure, cholesterol, atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular issues.
She is an experienced speaker and has delivered talks to groups of all sizes, notably the Dublin Tech Summit, 3XE and to groups in the UK and US.
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